Three Things Thursday

1. Life gets in the way: sometimes life gets in the way of blogging. Busy days at work, lots to do at home = no time to blog. Well...there's time to post a photo and name it a 'wordless' post, but how many of those could you handle? ;)

2. Rain:

Dear weather gods,

Could you please stop this endless rain? It's early September and I'm already wearing a rain jacket. Not cool. That's all.


Silly Girl Running

3. Great customer service: Once in a while you find a company with great customer service. Well, not just great...amazing customer service. One of these companies is Gear for Girls. They shipped me a different item than I'd ordered. After I'd emailed them about it they did not only ship me the correct item in a split second, but also added an extra tee as a bonus. A-ma-zing!

1 comment:

Becka said...

I love getting good service! Sad that it is a rarity these days though.