Three Things Thursday

1. I like me some deals: The website Gear for Girls has some amazing deals and discounts on Salomon, The North Face and Patagonia running gear (and ski / winter gear), shoes and packs at the moment. If you're looking for some high quality running gear for Fall/Winter (or Summer!) make sure to check it out! :)

2. Fallalalalala: On tonight's run - hit the trails with the dogs again - I could smell 'the last days of Summer'. Love when it smells like 'still warm, but yet already some crisp air'. Who needs Chanel no 5? ;) That's all. ;)

3. On a more serious note: I got a retweet on Twitter today about a blog post from a fellow blogger/runner and that blog post was pretty obvious on her being suicidal. Actually, while reading her blog, she had been having suicidal thoughts for quite some time now. I was shocked. Honestly, instantly this 'I have to do something' feeling came over me. But it's a blog, and you don't know the person, so there's really not a lot you can do. Except for leaving a comment. How would you handle this?


T said...

I just went back to that blog again, and I'm still disturbed by it. I don't really like, "Here endeth the blog." Is there anything that can be done, do you think?

Silly Girl Running said...

In all honesty...I don't think there is. Attention queen or serious problem? I really couldn't tell. That's what makes it so sad!