Fastinista Schmastinista

Fas.ti.nis.ta woman who likes to look stylish when she runs.

Ahhh....that would make me a fastinista, right? Well...maybe in the US it would, but the Dutch idea of a Fastinista seems to be slightly different.

Recently a fellow runner explained to me what the Dutch idea of a fastinista is. Then another one gave me the exact same criteria. As did the next one, etcetera. It comes down to this:

- woman who likes to look stylish when she runs...and:

- has at least two kids;

- runs 15 miles a week...at most;

- sticks to ladies only races;

- won't race any distance longer than 10K;

- sticks to road running;

- likes her make-up to be perfect throughout the race;

- won't even think of running up and down a mountain.

Okay...I guess I won't have to make you guess about my answer on this one. There was some swearing involved. Alright...a lot of swearing. These guys/girls are obviously morrons. Plus, I don't really care whether or not I qualify as a fastinista under these 'Dutch criteria'. But still...it made me wonder...

Bad.ass.ti.nis.ta woman who likes to look stylish when she runs - preferably up and down a mountain, while kicking ass. Picks trail running over road running any day of the week. Does not mind getting dirty. She does not mind at all.

So..there you have it: I'm a self-proclaimed Badasstinista. Boohaa! And in case you were wondering...this is what a badasstinista looks like. :)

Tutu much? Neaaaaaaahhh...
Dumdadumdum...try not to feel the freezing temps...

Wendy managed to qualify for the NYC Marathon without even trying to do so. Qualified. Yep. :)


Janina is a finisher of the Trans Alpine Run, as is Ricarda. Did I mention yet that Ricarda did the Ultra Trail du Mont-Blanc 100+-miler as a warm/up for the Trans Alpine Run? :)

This IronLady is speedy...you'd better believe it. ;)

Now if only I could get Ron to work with me on some kick-ass shirts for our 'movement'. ;)

Photo courtesy of Punk Rock Racing



Ha! I only fit the first two criteria in the Dutch version!

I like badasstinista - That's my new go to term!

B. Jarosz said...

I've been known to color-coordinate my outfits, and I have no grudge against anyone who wants to look nice. But there's a difference between nice clothes and stressing about perfect lipstick in race photos. IMHO a runner "worried" about what she looks like is not running hard enough. ;)

Hence: Badasstinista is MUCH better!

Unknown said...

Totally love the concept, hope I will qualify for it :) We should make "Badassinista" t-shirts for NYC!!! :)

RunningRonald said...

cool! Well, you're a Badasstinista for sure!

Kevin @ HalfTRIing said...

"Fastinista Schmastinista" is that another dirty Dutch word I can not say infront of my Dutch grandmother?