Three Things Thursday - the 'Fail' edition

1. Major fail: Still beyond angry about the whole IAAF thing I wrote about yesterday. One more reason to cheer Paula on in Berlin this weekend! Check out yesterday's post on the IAAF mess here. Fail!

2. Stupid fail: I'm easing myself into this minimalist running thing. 3 days a week in minimalist-ish shoes, 1 day a week in light-weight trail running shoes, and 1 or 2 days a week in the more 'old-fashioned' kind of running shoes. I find the minimalist style more comfortable, so I skipped the other options this week. Result: angry calves. Fail!

3. Food fail: Eating chili beans, corn and chili cheese wrapped in a burrito for dinner...pre run. Enough said. Fail!

What's your 'FAIL!' of the week?


Zaneta said...

My fail is that I missed my speedwork and am not making it up lol

runningthedawn.com said...

my fail is that i only ran twice. grrr!

which minimalist shoes are you rocking?