Another 'Why we keep buying Lululemon' piece

Just stumbled upon this article on businessinsider.com. Yet another 'Lululemon' piece.

I quote:

"Impressing men? That's easy,'' she says. "But impressing their friends in the studio is a lot harder."

You can read the full article here.

Is that why we keep buying Lululemon? I - for one- do not own a single piece of Lululemon gear. Too hard to get your hands on in Europe. And I can't believe this is the reason for Lululemon's success. Silly me for thinking their gear must be very comfy?

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Jo said...

I'm a Lululemon wearer. It helps I live in Canada where it is shipped for free from their warehouse and there's a store within a couple hours drive.

I love their stuff because it's so comfortable and durable. I have some pieces a couple years old that still look great after hours of sweaty workouts/runs.

I stumbled upon your blog through another Canicross blog. I love it! There's so little of it going on in North America. I haven't seen anyone else doing it around here. I'll be reading regularly!