Three Things 'I needed a good laugh' Thursday

And I'm willing to share it with you guys. ;)






Barborkas said...

Lol ... I cannot open the third picture :(

Silly Girl Running said...

The third one is also on my FB-page. :)

Barborkas said...

I just read it there ... that's the craziest one! :)

Jennifer Adams said...

OMG!! The masturbation posting!! It's gross but the boys shower was clogged and when my husband and I plunged it we realized what was causing the problem. I nearly puked! I told my husband that he could talk to our 17 year old son because he probably wouldn't want to hear from me on this subject.... YUCK!!!

MCM Mama said...

I'm not sure what I was going to say because the comment above me made me gag LOL.

I tagged you on a post today at my new blog http://mcmmamaruns.com