The kind of readers this blog attracts

I've been lucky enough to have received loads of fun, interesting, emotional and sweet emails since I set up the sillygirlrunning@hotmail.com account. :)

And then I received this one:


I have read you blog for some time now and I have found it to be wonderful! Even better than the blog, I have found your shoes and feet to be the center of my world. I was wondering if you would care to email me some pictures or sell me your old socks and shoes. I would love to worship them and you! If not, maybe you could tease me by writing me demeaning emails? I would love to be the scum on your feet, socks and shoes.

Sincerely your slave,


Yeah, the kind of readers this blog attracts... Be jealous, be very jealous. Then again, I should probably applaud the person that gets turned on by my jammed up feet and muddy shoes. It's a 'nice' change from the 'iewws' and 'yuck's I usually get.

Dear 'Yucky Feet Lover',

I'm very well aware of the fact that some people actually do get turned on by feet, shoes and are into the whole SM thing. I'm not one of those people. And nope, I'm also not willing to facilitate you in your fetish.

But, no need to mope around. My feet are in a constant state of yuckyness, and I'm the kind of girl that likes to photograph her feet and then gross people out by posting those pictures on my blog. That is, most people. You seem to read the blog just for those pictures.

I would however appreciate it if you would stop emailing me about this. And no, the comment section is not there for you to write in. Got you on that one, huh?




B. Jarosz said...

I don't know whether to be horrified or to laugh out loud???

Silly Girl Running said...
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Silly Girl Running said...

Oh, please, do laugh out loud! That's what I did! :) Just don't ask me to write you demeaning emails. ;)

giraffy said...

You should chat up Skinny Runner; I hear she ALSO has a foot fan.

RunningRonald said...

eh... to quote Shaggy: "it wasn't me" hihihihi

but I do love your feet .. to run with you!

Viper said...

It was probably Rex Ryan. Congrats on a diverse audience appeal. Cheers!