Love Yourself

'I love you'.

Three simple words, easy like that. And yet it seems fairly impossible for most people to say these words. And mean them. Surprisingly enough the 'I love you's spam your inbox / mail box / text messages one day every year. Oh yeah, it's Valentine's day.

All of a sudden everyone around you finds the need to buy fluffy teddy bears holding cheezy harts. Pink running shoes: yes. Running skirt covered in hearts: yes. But keep the bear. Although those do make a great dog toy...

It's not that I don't like Valentine's day. Au contraire, I think expressing your love is a great thing. And should be applauded. It's just that Valentine's day is so...in your face. I mean, come on...how many pink ponies can a girl handle? And why just one day. Say 'I love you' as often as you can. As long as you mean it. Example: I've just told my secretary that I love here. For saving my chaotic ass. And I meant it. See, that's how easy it is. ;)

Okay, so that's the first point I'm trying to make: cut the fluffy bear crap and say 'I love you' as often as you can. As long as you mean it.

Second point. As hard as it is to tell others that you love them, it's even harder to love yourself. Funny, huh? Especially since there's a heck of a lot to love about yourself. Right? Why is it so difficult to credit ourselves for having feet that will take us places? A sense of humor that can make us laugh out loud? The ability to tell the difference between right and wrong and the stubborness to stick with what we stand for? Hands to pull ourselves up when we're down? A butt that doesn't look half bad in a running skirt? The ability to smile over a street covered in fresh snow? So, why is it so hard? It shouldn't be.

So, this Valentine's day, promise me this:

1. Find a mirror.

2. Stand in front of it.

3. Take a good long look at yourself.

4. Say 'I love you'. And mean it.

And if Cupid is looking for me...tell him I'm on the dreadmill doing a hill work out...and to go easy on the arrows. ;)


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Barborkas said...

Beautiful! Best place to say I love you = 1st av in the NYC marathon :) And you were telling me I was gonna hate you ... I love you!

Sara said...

Love. This. Post. Thank you!! This is beautiful!