Well, that was hilarious - new 10 Mile PR

Since the food poisoning - marathon combo worked out so well last week (uhm...not!), I had some 'anger' I needed to get rid off. So, I figured, why not try my luck at a 10 miler and see if I can PR on that one (old PR (last September) was 1:18:06). Burning lungs is what I needed after the whole food poisoning bonanza.
So, yesterday, the perfect 10 miler came along - just a 15 minute drive and cool temps. Lintloop MAX 10 miler in Utrecht, the Netherlands. Running buddy John was sweet enough to pace me (well...that actually should say 'kick me in my behind'). I could not have asked for a better pace bunny. He even let me complain in the last mile or so - mainly about how much I dislike these shorter distances. :)
Managed to finish (all credits to John for this one) in 1:15:28 (a 2:34 minute PR) and second female overall (yeah, I know...the speedy chicks must have decided not to come out because of the rainy weather...but still...I had a cyclist for the last two miles - how freaking cool is that. ;)). Just the 'up' I needed after the whole food poisoning/marathon thing. :) The day after, The Knee is bugging me (the thing hates speeding up). Will see what my PT says about that. :)
I've been googling like mad for photos, but these two photos (photo courtesy to John) are the only ones that I was able to find:

My 'normal' face is way more attractive than the one I'm showing you here. I hope. And yes, that's a chunk of Brownie in my hand. My way of refueling, okay? ;)

How did your weekend races go?


Johann said...

Congratulations! That is a great time and certainly just what you needed. Wow, a cyclist... you are almost a pro now...:)

B. Kramer said...

Congrats on the PR and podium finish. Enjoy the brownie, you earned it. Cheers!

John said...

You where the one doing the running, I was just a spectator running along trying to keep up with you.
You did it! PB and a podium.

Jen Feeny said...

You were smoking fast! Way to go on the new PR!

Unknown said...

No more slowpoke nicknames :) you did a PR and a podium! You rock girl!!

Silly Girl Running said...

@ Johann: ha! Glad someone else finds the cyclist as hilarious as I do. ;)

@ Viper: Yes, I think I earned that indeed. ;) Great excuse.

@ John: Hehehehe, Mr Bad Ass himself. ;)

@ Redhead Running: Well...slowpoke is still in town. ;)

@ Nes: Can I just stick with the slowpoke thing for a while? That, or you could give me some or your speed. Please? :)