Happy B-day Gran

Last Friday would have been my dear Grandma's 94th birthday. She passed away a month before her 90th birthday - four years ago.
*enter overemotional blog post* ;)
No, I'm kidding. I still miss her, especially since she and my mom have raised me together (with a dad being as pitiful an excuse for a man as my father is, those two women encouraged me to get my law degrees and to follow that silly heart of mine). That combined with the fact that I'm her spitting image...well, let's just say I'm reminded on a daily basis that she's still sort of there and with me.
*enter confession*
Well, to be honest - she is always with me in races and on long runs. Nope, I'm not referring to the 'I can feel her here' kind of presence. I'm referring to the 'she IS there' kind of presence.
Yep, I carry around a bit of her ashes in my hand held / hydration vest. And I honestly could not care less about the way others feel about that.
So, I guess we could state that my Gran is a marathoner. And an ultra runner. Not a lot of 94 year olds that can say that, huh?
Okay, for those of you that are still with me - and did not stop reading because of my freakiness...
Still training for this Summer's planned dream races. Being as easy on The Knee and The Ankle as I can. Careful with those suckers. And yes, I do spend a heck of a lot of time on the treadmill set at 15% incline.


TeamDiesel said...

just want to say: RESPECT

AMcConn said...

If having your Gran's ashes with you makes you feel better & makes you run faster...who cares what anyone else thinks or says? You do what you need to do to accomplish your goals.

I think your Gran loves being "with" you on the course.