I'm ba-ack

Lessons learned while spending 2 weeks in the Swiss Alps

1. I love the Swiss Alps. And can't seem to stop falling in love with them. Over and over again.
2. There's no feeling that can beat that first breath of fresh mountain air. Period.
3. A 5-hour long run in the mountains is nothing close to a 5-hour long run in the flat as a pancake Netherlands. Enough said.
4. Mountain weather is unpredictable. Note to self: it's okay to head out for a run - in shorts. However, don't be surprised when you get hit by a blizzard...out of the freaking blue.
5. Swiss guys are a heck of a lot more polite than Dutch guys. Apparently. It's kind of refreshing not to be disturbed by honking cars on your AM/PM run. Then again, they just might not be interested. ;)
6. It's even harder to start work again after a great vacay. Spent the day in court, and I'm pooped. Is it okay if I save the rest of my bla bla for tomorrow? ;)


nikeathena said...

Can't beat that fresh mountain air! Glad to hear you had a great vacation!

T said...

Yes, it's okay! Welcome back :)

Barborkas said...

Great to have you back!!! :)

One important question: Are you running Amsterdam marathon this year? ;)

Ness said...

Welkome back!! Did you ski a little?

Becka said...

Hope you had a fun time! Pictures?!?!?!?!