Three Things Thursday

1. Heartbreaking: I dedicated a post to Sherry Arnold earlier this week. She is still missing. Could you please show Beth from Shut Up and Run your support and like the Help find Sherry Arnold Facebook page?

2. Beans: Sport beans? Not for this girl. I've been playing around with my food intake on long runs, and am giving the regular Jelly Belly Beans a shot instead of the Sport Beans. Combined with energy gel, sandwiches and energy bars, they seem to do the trick and I have one tasty fueling plan. :) Are you a Sport Beans fan?

3. RelaxReflect: Safety first, huh? ;) Even if this means you look like a total goofball. I'm testing some RelaxReflect tights at the moment, and so far, I'm a happy camper. These are comfy and make you a heck of a lot easier to spot than in plain black tights. :)


T said...

If I'm not mistaken, sports beans ARE just normal jelly bellies, repackaged. They're made by the same company!

Silly Girl Running said...

T: I know - the same company. But they state that sport beans have all kinds of sodium, vitamin, etcetera shizzle in them and normal jellie bellies don't. Uh-huh. ;)

Shellyrm ~ just a country runner said...

Praying for Sherry every day.

I don't like Sports Beans. But do like jelly beans. :-)

I love RelaxReflect. With more morning runs now, I need to be seen!

Becka said...

I have to start working on my nutrition for my 100 miler. I'll add jelly beans to the list. Only recently have I tried chomps. Those are ok, but the packaging a bit hard to open and they are STICKY.