Life has its own 'funny' ways of pushing you in 'your' direction. Its own ways of telling you that this might be the moment to take a left or right and to stop going into the direction you were going into up till that point. Its own ways of telling you that you are the one leading this life. Its own ways of telling you that it's about time to stop doing what others expect you to do. Its own ways of telling you that it's okay to act Heart over Mind sometimes.

Last Friday I had one of these moments. One of these moments where it just hits you. 'Something needs to change, and I'm no longer putting 'change' on hold'. And as much as that thought scared the sh*t out of me, it's comforting at the same time.

It comes down to one simple thought: I want, need, love to spend more time outside, doing what I love. A bit of time away from that desk. Even 10% or 20% more would be food for the soul. I feel that I am too young to ditch my love for the outdoors and sports. Too young to trade that for spending all of my time behind a desk. Even when people around you expect you to spend all of your time behind that desk. And tell you that not doing so would be 'an abnormality'.

I want the desk and the outdoors. Is that that awful, weird, bad? I don't think it is. Apparently some people do and don't think I should spend a couple more hours a week doing what I love. And that's when it hit me. Something needs to change. Life is too short to let others decide what's right for you. To let others tell you how to live your life. And that thought alone scares the sh*t out of me. Oh, I've already mentioned that, huh? ;) So, to find some 'peace' I did what every reasonable 28 year old would do: read Dr. Seuss. And drink Mojitos.

And guess what, Dr. Seuss was a wise guy. ;)

So, for now, I'm working on that 'Direction' thing. :) Oh, and Dr. Seuss is right about another thing: being You is kinda cool. Don't let anyone tell you otherwise. :) Unless you're Khadaffi, Saddam, Osama, etcetera, in which case being 'YOU' isn't that cool. Just wanted to point that out...


Danny said...

Silly Girl,
Not weird at all.
Good on you working on Your Direction.

And Dr. Suess is quite right!

Enjoy the new direction!


Viper said...

Good luck taking your own direction. Being you takes some courage sometimes. Enjoy. Cheers!

Silly Girl Running said...

Thanks, that's sweet. :)

Morgan said...

Great post chica and some of my most favorite Seuss quotes!!!

It's hard to find the right balance when you have to have the "big-girl" job. I wish you the best of luck in your endeavors to find the total package!!!

Shellyrm ~ just a country runner said...

I say DO IT!!! You should be doing exactly what you want to do or at least moving towards doing what you want to do. Life is way too short!

Andy Bowen said...

It's opener there in the wide open air!

Your mountain is waiting so get on your way!

Silly Girl Running said...

@Morgan: Yeah...after 5 years in a big-girl job...I'm just starting to think 'is the desk what I'll be staring at?'.

@Sherry: That is so sweet! :D

@Andy: You know your Dr Seuss. ;) And yep, that mountain started it all. :D