Things I Love - Firedaughter Clothing

Have you heard of Firedaughter Clothing?

1. No. No? Where have you been hiding for the last couple of months?

2. Yes. Great, in that case you know how great these shirts are. :)

The Firedaughter tanks, shirts, sweat shirts, hoodies, etcetera are (i) too freaking cute, (ii) way cheaper than other running shirts, and (iii) great quality!

Seriously: 20 sweaty treadmill miles (32K), some crazy sweat, and no soaking wet tank. Not wet. At all. Get it? Halle-freakin-lujah.

So, if you are a total sweatfest like moi - go check out the Firedaughter Clothing website here. Come on, do yourself a favor and check. out. Firedaughter. Clothing. :)

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