Confessions of a self employed lawyer

Okay, as from August 1st, I'm self employed. Freaking out all over the place. No need to freak out. In the last two weeks I've learned:

1. Setting up your own business takes up all of quite a lot of your time.

2. Working, running, eating and sleeping are pretty much all I do at the moment. I'm no fun.

3. I'm a stubborn muppet for wanting to work with Mac. Holland is not Mac minded. Finding a printer that is compatible with Mac (and not everything on the printer but the scanner) gave me a headache (no kidding). 

4. My office space is a mess. There's cables and piles of paper everywhere. Apparently being self employed doesn't come with a secretary. Bummer.

5. I have the brilliant plan to run another ultra (as a training run for the planned freak out race end of this month) this Sunday. 56K / 34-ish miles. Considering the fact that I barely had a good night of sleep in the last couple of days, this could be interesting.

Any advice from one self employed muppet to another? 


Becka said...

How exciting for you! I work in a law office and cannot imagine doing all that stuff on my own.

Zaneta said...

Wow!! Good luck with the self-employment! I'm sure you'll love it as soon as you get everything set-up and in-order! :)

Barborkas said...

Christel, if anyone, I am sure you can do it!!!

Claudia Emck said...

Working & running: what else should a human want to do?
Good luck!

RJ said...

you should be able to down-load macitosh drivers from just about any printer's website. My last printer came with a CD for drivers for Mac. (I also live in NL- my printer is a canon). If all else fails- go Linux ;)

Shoeff said...

Just keep on running. It is called a work week, not a work weekend

You still need time to think and reflect.

Things will get easier, some things will become routine and for the most boring things, hire another muppet