Wednesday Quote

Borrowed this quote from the PunkRockRacing website (quote by IronMan Ron himself).

"A day when these shortcomings may be all you have left to hang on to. When you’ve put yourself out there and given all you have for all to see and in those final moments, as you make your way down that finishers chute, you realize that it’s the people who waited who control those final moments of your journey, for it is them, not you, who provide the energy... to finish. We literally float across the finish line, lifted by the spectators and for that moment in time, for that one second, we are more than ourselves. We are greater than the sum of our parts. We’re that person we’ve always wanted to be. We are heroes, champions, winners and gods, if only for a split second in time… A stupid, wonderful microsecond of time.

You’re alive. Prove it."

Enough said. Love it.


Redhead Running said...

I loved the way he wrapped that up. Oh how I miss punky.

asddsa said...

So true! I finished my first half marathon this year and my pace dropped to 6:00/km at the 20k mark. I had all but given up until I saw the finish line and all the spectators cheering. Instantly I forgot about the pain in my legs, forgot about the effort of gasping for air, and even forgot what song was playing in my headphones. All I felt was elation. But it wasn't elation for finishing the race, or even beating my estimated time. It was elation for experiencing the atmosphere, the frenzy of the finish, the feeling that I can accomplish ANYTHING! That's why I ran the race. That's why I'll train harder for the next race and That's why I'll never stop running.