This IS the time and the place

Last Sunday night. We'd just returned from our trip to New York and I was having dinner with my Mom and a friend of hers. Chatting about the trip and how much fun we'd had. My mom's friend had recently lost her husband, so we talked about her husband's funeral. Out of the blue my mom's friend said: 'Oh right, I forgot to tell you. While you were in NY, S died'. (S being a classmate from elementary school - she lived in the same city I live in, so I ran into her several times after elementary school - last time must have been a couple of years ago).

'Shocked' doesn't even begin to describe how I felt at that moment. I wasn't close to her, just ran into her occasionally. While running errands or walking around town. But still...I remember her as an incredibly nice. A sweet girl. Close to her mom and baby brother. Had graduated Law School. Seemed to be enjoying life. A cancer survivor. Saddest part about this: she died while celebrating her 'I'm clear!' moment with dinner. Just like that.

This is one of those moments that's on my 'Things I don't get'-list. I can't even begin to describe how so so sorry I feel for her mom's and brother's loss. I wish them all the strength and support they need in the process of learning how to live with this loss.

This IS the time and the place

This is also one of those moments that made me realize that you have to live this life as fully as you can...every single day. I've said and heard 'This is nor the time, nor the place' or 'Maybe next week/month/year' too many times. This IS the time. AND the place. I've also heard 'There will always be another marathon/ultra.' way too often in the last couple of months. And yes, I do hope there will always be another marathon/ultra. But the sad news of S's passing made me realize that I should take every race in as 'THE marathon' or 'THE ultra'. Treasure any moment I'm out there running.

The same goes for wishlist races. These races where training/money/emergencies within your family aren't really an issue, I should no longer postpone. Neither should any of you. Who cares what the rest of the world might think of it. Collect memories. Precious memories.

If you want it, come and get it. And girl, do I want it!


Anonymous said...

You're absolutly right.
Live your life today, not tomorrow!

Anonymous said...

You're absolutly right.
Live your life today, not tomorrow!

Karien said...

Totally agree!!

Shellyrm ~ just a country runner said...

So sorry about your friend. Regardless of how close you were or were not, losing someone who helped shape who you are is like losing a piece of yourself. But as nothing is completely "negative" there is an opportunity for growth in the experience. Glad to read you are embracing that thought.
I will think of you and your friend as I race this weekend and use it to remind me that this IS my race. I will squeeze every bit of enjoyment out of it I can! Thanks for the reminder that I shouldn't wait for the next race to give it my all!

Bean said...

Sorry to hear about your friend. Well said. Really made me think about what I want to get out there and do. Thanks for reminder to be grateful and to live in the moment.

Becka said...

I absolutely agree. Sorry about your friend :(

Paula IJzerman said...

Life is too short anyway. And stories like these just make you more aware of that fact.

So that is why I invite you to join me in the UHT this saturday and why we travel to Belgium next week to run 65k. It's all madness, but there's no time to postpone it!

Paul said...

Some good thinking, there.

Monique said...

So sorry about your friend. I'm feeling the same way about the time is now. The mom of one of my daughters classmates has just found out the cancer she thought she'd beaten has spread, is inoperable and that she only has months to live. Live your life NOW to the fullest.